Top 10 places to visit on Geneva Avenue in San Francisco

1. Claddagh Coffee – 951 Geneva

Get a cup of brew or a sandwich

2. Arco Gas Station – 1200 Geneva and Naples

Costco usually calls this place to check on their prices so that they can be cheaper.

3. Queen’s Beauty House – 1189 Geneva

Get a barber cut, hair style, perm, highlight, facial or hair straightening. Barber cuts start at $12.

4. Bitter Taste Sweet Health – 1243 Geneva

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

5. Popeye’s Chicken and Bisquits – 890 Geneva

Stop by on Tuesdays for your cheap 3 piece chicken deal!

6. Naples Pizzarella – 1192 Geneva

Get a pizza or a soft taco. Try their Guatemalan Food!

7. Wally’s Restaurant

Get affordable Chinese food!

8. Wahlgreen’s

Get your photo’s developed or your prescription filled.

9. J & J True Value Hardware – 929 Geneva

Get your hardware needs here!

10. Daniel’s Pharmacy/US Postoffice 943 Geneva

Get your post office needs done, pay your utility bills here or get your prescription filled!